“Don’t celebrate closing a sale, celebrate opening a relationship.”

– Patricia Fripp


Tri-Mor offers integrated solutions in the areas of sales, merchandising, customer service and marketing.

Tri-Mor is helping leading brands be more profitable; are you interested?


Relationship Management

At Tri-Mor International, selling is a process of ongoing relationship management that begins prior to ever setting foot in the buyer’s office. It involves a comprehensive assessment of the customer’s unique situation, a thorough understanding of the competition and a keen knowledge of the end-user. Tri-Mor representatives act as strategic orchestrators, coordinating resources within Tri-Mor and the client firm to deliver added value in the form of:

• Category management / promotional and regular plan-o-gram
• Market intelligence
• Forecasting and analytics
• Integrated marketing

As a family-based company, Tri-Mor can maintain an unmatched level of relationship continuity with customers of all sizes. Our selling methodology employs timely follow-up, attention to detail and a commitment to our core values of integrity, professionalism, passion and innovation.


Optimal Presentation

Tri-Mor merchandising services ensure optimal presentation of your product in the retail environment. Our effectiveness is rooted in the relationships our staff cultivates with store employees and managers. The results speak for themselves, with over forty years of consistent sales growth for leading brands. We have a proven service force that will execute your merchandising project with the highest attention to detail and commitment to quality.

• Implement, manage planograms
• Optimize product placement & presentation (stack outs, end-caps, clip strips, etc.)
• Manage return to vendor issues
• Reduce out of stocks
• Build rapport for your firm and entrench your Brand more effectively

In short, we create new opportunities to increase sales at store level. To learn more about the Tri-Mor Sales difference, contact us.

Customer Service

Commitment to the Customer

Delivering answers to your customer base in a timely and accurate manner is the essence of customer service at Tri-Mor. Order tracking, RTV issues, procurement and the day-to-day management of the customer relationship is handled by our experienced and enthusiastic team. Our world-class service exemplifies that our commitment to the customer, and to you, extends beyond the sale.

Who is looking after your most important asset (the customer)?

To get a Tri-Mor peace of mind working for you, contact us.


Measurable Results

We offer marketing solutions for reaching both the trade and end-user audiences that engage the individual, build favorable attitudes and encourage trial purchase. Our approach is strategic; we produce measurable results by integrating marketing tools with sales and merchandising activities. Our trade show marketing solutions are consistently ranked as Best of Show and are highly effective in generating leads and building brand awareness. We can also provide you with:

• Strategic promotions, in-store demonstrations
• Retail staff development/training programs
• Retail incentive programs
• Advertising planning